Caring for Your Carpet

1210392671. The Virtues of Vacuuming:
The carpeting in your home is the perfect place for dirt, dust and other potentially harmful particles to hide. I recommend that you vacuum the carpet in your home at least once per week, more frequently in high traffic areas like your family room or entrance way. By vacuuming on a regular basis, the life of your carpet is extended by preventing the dirt and particle build-up that wears down carpet fibers. For hard to reach places like underneath furniture and around baseboards, use your vacuum’s attachments every few weeks.

2. Slow Down and Sweep it All Out:
Even though your carpeting may not appear to be dirty, remember that millions of dirt and dust particles can be hiding deep within the carpet fibers. Many people vacuum too fast to really collect all of the dirt collected in their carpeting. Slow down a bit, and you’ll be able to sweep up a lot more of the particles that are hidden from the naked eye. It won’t take much extra time, but your carpets will look better and wear longer.

3. Crisscross Your Way to Cleaner Carpeting
High traffic areas where people sit and move their feet are some of the most important places to vacuum thoroughly. I like to go over these places a few times using a crisscross pattern to ensure that your carpet is really getting clean.

4. Fight the Dirt Before it Starts:
Whether you’re getting new carpet or just had your existing carpets cleaned, consider using soil retardants to keep your entire home looking pristine. While this can be done on your own, I recommend using professional equipment or having a qualified company apply the soil retardants for you. Soil retardants act like a shield against dirt and dust particles that will protect them for years to come.

5. Stop the Sweeper Smell:
Central vacuum systems transport 100% of vacuumed dust and odors away from the living area. Consider installing a central vacuum like VACUFLO®, Element or Dirt Devil® to stop that “sweeper smell.”

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