Reclaim Your Bedroom with these Helpful Organizing Tips

73818441. Monsters under the Bed:
If you’re brave enough to take a look, you may find some monsters lurking underneath your beds. Most likely they aren’t big furry ones with claws, but tons of old junk you’ve tossed there over time. Use the space under your bed more effectively—and free up closet space– with shallow storage bins that hold seasonal clothing. Flat bins with built-in wheels are especially handy. Low on linen storage? Under-the-bed bins are a convenient place to stow sheets, pillowcases and comforters.

2. Shoe Blues:

From sneakers to stilettos and everything in between, shoes can take up a lot of space if they aren’t organized properly. Try placing shoe rack in your closet, right underneath all of your hanging garments. Unlike shoe bags that take up valuable hanging space, a shoe rack can hold all of your shoes and give you more room for hanging your clothes. Plus, dirty shoes won’t stain your clothing like they would if they were hanging right next to them in your closet.

3. A Tangled Web of Jewelry:

Not only can disorganized jewelry make it hard to find what you’re looking for, you can also damage necklaces and bracelets if they become tangled together. Now that you’ve eliminated the hanging shoe bag in your closet, purchase a multi-compartment, hanging jewelry bag to take its place. If the pockets are clear plastic, you can easily see the piece you’re looking for. Use the jewelry box on your dresser for pieces you wear often, and protect your special jewelry in the hanging jewelry bag.

4. Read Your Way to A More Organized Bedroom:
Who would have ever guessed that there was a reading chair beneath the pile of laundry, books and magazines in your bedroom? To remedy this problem, get yourself a small end table and set it next to the chair. The end table should have shelves, drawers or both, and that way you’ll be able to contain everything that usually gets dumped on the chair. For magazines, find a small magazine basket to set on the other side of the chair, and voila, you’ve reclaimed your reading chair. For out-of-control laundry, put the clean stuff away- right away, and the dirty clothes down the chute or in a laundry hamper that matches your bedroom décor.

5. Your Bed: To Make or Not To Make…
Your mom told you to make your bed every day, right? She may have been on to something. Making your bed daily is a great start to a disciplined habit of keeping your home clean and organized. Your bedroom will look more welcoming, and your bed will always be ready to fall into after a long day. If mom’s advice doesn’t interest you, maybe this will: Mattresses and bedding can be home to dust mites that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Some experts believe an unmade bed has its benefits. By leaving your sheets and comforter pulled back, you can air out your bed and fight those pesky dust mites. So it’s your choice…make the bed and inspire organization, or leave it alone and fight the mites.
No laundry chute? No problem. Canvas laundry hampers come in all shapes and sizes. Line some up in your children’s rooms and teach them to use one for dirty clothes, and one (or more) for toys. Use a paint pen to label the outside of each hamper to remind them of the contents: stuffed animals, blocks, etc.

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