Tips for a Beautifully Organized Bathroom

vinyl11. Medicine Cabinet Misery!
If you live in fear of the avalanche that may occur when you open your medicine cabinet, this tip is for you. Odds are, the majority of the items you’ve kept stockpiled in your medicine cabinet shouldn’t be there at all. Use your medicine cabinet to house most of the items you use on in your daily routine, like toothbrushes and lotions. Hair care products, brushes, and makeup, however, are better kept in organized bins in your vanity or linen closet. So what about actual medicine? Toss expired prescriptions into the trash (NOT down the toilet, where it can contaminate the water supply), and move current medications to your kitchen, safely out of the reach of children, where they will be out of the way and protected from moisture.

2. Towel Control Time:
Many towel bars just aren’t wide enough to accommodate all of your family’s towels. If you have this problem, install attractive hooks on the wall of your bathroom. Every family member can have their own hook, and you can stop tripping over damp towels.

3. Tame the Makeup Monster:
So your bathroom drawers are overflowing with lipstick tubes, nail polish, and half- empty bottles of the foundation you used fifteen years ago. You have a makeup bag, but it’s bulky and can’t possibly hold all of your favorite stuff. First, toss any product more than a year old, as makeup can play host to many forms of bacteria as it ages. Then replace your jumbled mess with an expandable cosmetics organizer. Many expandable organizers will fit in a shallow drawer, and have different compartments to house makeup of all shapes and sizes. Next time you’re getting ready to go out, you’ll be able to find that petal pink polish in no time.

4. Shampoo: How Much is Too Much?
If you look in your shower right now, how many bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash do you see? Three, five, fifteen? Toss the brands and bottles you don’t use often to save space in your shower caddy. If you need more room for shower storage, consider purchasing suction shelves.

5. Look Above the Toilet:
You might think there’s only room for a box of tissues or a few magazines on top of your toilet. But most home goods stores carry over-the-toilet bathroom furniture that can be mounted right on your wall. Now, you can store your magazines, spare rolls of toilet paper, toiletries and even extra towels in one, easily accessible location.

6. Apothecary Jars Aren’t Just For Doctor’s Offices:
Consider storing disposable toiletries like cotton swabs, bath salts and band aids in a row of handsome apothecary jars. They’ll look clean and organized, and always be on hand when you need them.

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