Car Care Simplified

146776393Even if your odometer is racking up the miles, I found some easy, inexpensive tips for keeping that “new car” look and smell.

  1. Use baby wipes to clean dashboards. They clean gently but thoroughly and leave an anti-static layer.
  2. A small, soft paintbrush is ideal for detail cleaning on the dashboard.
  3. Windshield blurring up when you run your wipers? Dip a clean cloth in full strength white vinegar and run it along the length of each wiper blade.
  4. If your license plates are beginning to rust, wipe them down with WD-40. This will remove light surface rust and help prevent more rust from forming.
  5. An old soft sock makes a perfect (and cost-free) buffer for waxing.
  6. If battery acid is building up on your battery, sprinkle baking soda onto the terminals. Spritz with water to dampen, and let set for about an hour. Sponge off with water and air dry.
  7. To keep the interior of your car in ship shape, remove any accumulated litter, food wrappers, apparel, books or papers each time you leave your vehicle. It only takes seconds and you’ll enjoy driving your car more if it is uncluttered.
  8. Stale odors can be removed by spraying odor eliminator into the ventilation intake ducts, usually located at the base of windshield. After spraying, run the AC full blast for several minutes.

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