The Garage: Chaos, Clutter and Creative Ways to Take Control

Absolutely no way to pull your car into the garage? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, the garage often becomes a dumping ground for an endless number of things that simply have no other place in your home. Here are some easy organization tips to help you brave the abyss of clutter also known as your garage.

1. Remodeling the Kitchen? Transform Your Garage
If you plan to remodel your kitchen, take advantage of a great opportunity to transform your garage. Old kitchen cabinets mounted on garage walls are one of the best ways to reclaim valuable floor space and get your things out of the way. Use them to store car care products, odd shaped tools, holiday decorations, painting supplies, and more.

2. More Fun for Green Thumbs
If you’re serious about gardening or live in a place where you garden year round, odds are you’ve got a lot of tools lying around. Make use of rolling organizers with holes for long-handled tools and pockets and compartments for gloves, hand tools and pruners. Rolling garden caddies can also keep track of your tools while you’re working in the yard, and you can use your caddy as a seat while you’re planting flowers or working close to the ground. Just roll it back into the garage when you’re done, and everything will stay safe and organized. Safety reminder: Keep fertilizers and other hazardous products in a locked cabinet or on an elevated shelf, well out of reach of young children.

3. Sporting Goods Gone Bad
There’s nothing like backing over your kid’s bike or tripping over a skate board trying to reach your car. If you’re like my family, the garage is overflowing with sporting goods ranging from basketballs to inline skates. Use clear bins or extra recycling containers to hold mitts, balls, kneepads, helmets and air pumps. When your kids are ready to play, they can reach in, grab what they need, and toss it back inside when they’re done. For easy-access bikes, try using a simple pulley system. Racks and hooks are often too high and can be dangerous when trying to get bikes down. Keep children’s bikes against the wall near the garage door, so they can cruise in and out safely.

4. Decoration Disasters Solved
Trying to maneuver your car around a light-up Santa and eight tiny reindeer in mid-July? Store seasonal items like Christmas and Halloween decorations in clear bins with color coordinated lids or stickers. Christmas stuff goes in the red bin, Halloween in the Orange, and all of the other holidays in their corresponding containers. Store bins out of the way, and bring them out at the appropriate time of year. No more rooting through tangled Christmas lights to find that giant hairy spider your husband loves so much.

5. Tools, Supplies and Paint Problems
From screwdrivers and drills to extension cords and car wax, it seems like there just isn’t anywhere to put things—until you make shelves, peg boards and hooks your new best friends. Inexpensive shelving and wall-mount peg boards are underused, readily available resource that can transform your garage. Also, rolling tool boxes with drawers will keep all of your screwdrivers, drills and tape measures organized for your next ambitious attempt to remodel the bathroom over a long weekend. At the very least, you’ll be able to find patching supplies when you accidentally drill that new towel bar hole too high.

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