Sneeze-Free Do’s and Don’ts!

allergy2Take a deep breath and get a load of this statistic. Over two million dust mites inhabit the average double bed. Here are some Sneeze-Free Do’s and Don’ts that I found that will make you breathe a little easier:

DO: Keep pets out of the bedroom.
DON’T: Leave bedding and mattress uncovered. Use hypoallergenic cases.

DO: Opt for leather, vinyl or plain wooden furniture; upholstery is a haven for mites. Regularly wipe down these surfaces with cleaner.
DON’T: Keep rooms humid. Use a dehumidifier and an air purifier.

DO: Remove heavy drapes. Use window shades instead of blinds. They collect less dust.
DON’T: Keep books in the bedroom…they’re dust magnets. Store them behind glass cabinet doors instead.

DO: Wash and dry 100% cotton linens on hottest setting.
DON’T: Use down or wool bedding.

DO: Hang pictures on the wall vertically, not horizontally. They’ll collect less dust that way.
DON’T: Grow flowers in the bedroom. Instead, get one of these houseplants that can dramatically reduce toxins in the air:
* Spider Plant
* Peace Lily
* Chinese Evergreen
* Ficus Plant

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