The Cleaning Competition: Women vs Men

161961387According to a survey conducted by The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA), housework can cause major friction with both married couples and unmarried couples living together. Take a look at the SDA survey results I found. You’ll find out who cleans better, what pushes your partner’s cleaning buttons, and other statistics you may or may not want to know…

Who is Really Doing all the Cleaning?
• Women claim they do 79% of the cleaning in their households
• Men, have acknowledged that they are responsible for only 35% of the cleaning in their households

Clean and Mean: Couples Clash Over Cleaning
• 46% of couples who live together argue about cleaning
• 27% of these couples argue about who should do the cleaning
• 24% argue about how often the cleaning should be done
• 17% argue about the best way to clean

Kids Contribute to the Craziness…
• Maybe it’s all those toys taking their toll on household order. According to the survey, 55% of couples with children at home fight about cleaning, compared to 38% of couples who don’t.

Task by Task- Who’s the Better Cleaner?
• Four times as many women as men claim they do the laundry better than their partners
• Women claim they clean the bathroom and kitchen better than their male partners
• Men feel they’ve got vacuuming under control. 22% of men say they vacuum better than their partners, and 14% believe they do a better job of washing dishes
• Bottom line: 25% of men say they can’t clean better than their mate, no matter what the task

Your Partner’s Cleaning Shortcomings: What Pushes Your Buttons?
• Almost 2/3 of individuals surveyed felt their partner’s cleaning abilities were below average
• 51% of people say that not cleaning often enough is their partner’s biggest shortcoming
• 41% of people believe that their partners vacuum around things instead of moving them
• Almost 50% of women and 24% of men complained about their partners leaving a mess behind in the kitchen
• About 50% of women and 16% of men were unhappy with the way their partners cleaned or didn’t clean the bathroom

Honest Evaluations of the Opposite Sex:
On a cleaning scale of 1-5, with 5 being “extremely well” and 1 being “extremely poor,”
• 55% of men gave their mate as a 5 out of 5
• The women gave their partners a 3 out of 5
• When evaluating themselves, men averaged a 3.7, while women rated themselves an average of 4.1

Improving With Age:
• 59% of couples ages 18 to 24 claimed to have arguments about cleaning
• Of those couples age 55+, only 34% admitted to arguing about cleaning
• Individuals in the 55+ age group were most likely to view their own cleaning skills as equal to their mate’s cleaning skills.

“The 1999 SDA National Cleaning Survey, which included interviews with a national sample of 573 adult Americans, married or living as married, 18 years and older, was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation International.”

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