Wrapping Can Be a Gift

WrappingCreative gift-wrapping doesn’t necessarily mean mounds of bows and curlicue ribbons. With a bit of forethought, it can also be part of the gift itself.
For a fun departure from tradition, think beyond the box and bag, and try these ideas:
• A pretty throw makes a beautiful wrap for larger gifts. Simply gather it at the corners and tie a bow around the top. Perfect for pillows or any gift with a theme of comfort and relaxation. One imaginative gift giver wrapped up a 12-pack of her husband’s favorite micro-beer in a fleece throw.
• Kitchen related gifts can be wrapped in pretty dish towels, cloth napkins or a tablecloth, depending on the size. Or use a pretty platter or bowl to hold the gift, and wrap it all up in clear cellophane.
• Bath related products can be wrapped in fluffy towels or even a plush robe.
• Try wrapping gifts in a pretty scarf.
• Garden tools and accessories or gifts that will be used outdoors can come wrapped in a bucket, burlap bag, crate, wheelbarrow, wagon or plastic storage bin—even a tarp, thus extending the usefulness of the gift. Small garden gifts can peek out of a watering can or decorative pot.
• A handsome hat box or leather box doubles the pleasure of a wearable gift.
• Office-related gifts can come in small storage containers that are handsome enough to display on a desk or shelf.

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