Post-Holiday Deals for Shoppers with Stamina

sale bagsIf you’ve got the energy, the money or the desire to go back out into the shopping arena right after Christmas, you could be rewarded with some excellent deals.
• Holiday Décor. Deep discounts make this the best time to purchase ornaments, decorations, lighting, wrapping paper, greeting cards, artificial trees and anything holiday-themed. Stock up and save time and money for next year.
• Gadgets. Kitchen gadgets, home electronics, and GPS products take up a lot of shelf space that must be cleared for new merchandise. Shop now for great deals, even on big-screen TV’s up until Super Bowl time.
• January Travel. After the big rush of holiday travel comes a slow season that opens up deals for savvy shoppers. Last-minute getaways can be booked at good discount prices.
• E-Bay Specials. Look for merchants clearing inventory and people selling off gifts that didn’t suit them.
• Dishes and Glassware. Stores stock up for shoppers looking to dress up their tables for holiday guests, then need to move the merchandise quickly after the holiday.
• Sparkling Wines and Champagnes. Competition is fierce for New Year’s revelers, so now might be a good time to splurge on a favorite high-end bottle.
• Gift Cards. Because of deep discounts and post-holiday sales, the value of your gift card might buy as much as 25% to 50% more than it would in summer months. Consider spending those gift cards you received while sales last.

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