Number One Secret to Keeping Resolutions

weightsWell, it’s February. The packed gyms are thinning out, the Internet traffic on weight loss and smoking cessation web sites is slowing down, and sales on workout clothes are tapering off.
How are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions going? Or are you one of those folks who gave up on resolutions long ago, knowing the process was an exercise in futility and frustration?
Here’s one piece of advice that might help you make and keep your resolutions from now on – and you don’t have to wait for next January: Resolve to making one change in your life for thirty days, and only one change.
The problem with resolutions is we expect too much too soon from ourselves. Realistically, did you think you could lose weight, work out daily, stop eating sweets, get organized and finish your photo albums all at the same time? Would you even want to hang around with a person who could accomplish all that at the same time?
Didn’t think so. So choose one thing. One. Commit to it for thirty days, which is about how long it takes to adapt a new habit or break a bad one. When you accomplish that one thing, commit to staying with it until it becomes part of your accepted routine. Then, and only then, should you commit to another thing. The irony of this approach? You might find yourself actually accomplishing more than one thing naturally, without struggle. You might decide, for example, that exercise reduces your craving for late-night burrito runs. If not, there’s always next month.

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