Clean, Recycle and Save Money at the Same Time

green homeThe headline reads like one of those mini-lectures on multi-tasking, but fear not. Truth is, do you really need to juggle three tasks at once? Only if they can be combined into one easy movement.
I have found ways to clean, recycle and save money all at the same time without exhausting yourself.

Collect all those orphaned socks you keep finding in the dryer. The next time you dust, wear a sock as a mitten – pull one onto each hand if you’re super efficient or cleaning small, delicate objects — and put those lonely socks to good use.

There. You’ve cleaned your house efficiently, you’ve repurposed something that could have gone in the waste stream, and you’ve saved a few bucks on store-bought cleaning cloths. As a bonus, you can let a young child join in by giving them a dust-eating sock with a face drawn on one side. A child can easily dust windowsills, cleared tables and book shelves. They don’t see this activity as work, but a fun way to spend time doing grownup stuff with a grownup.

The same method can be applied to washing small, nonporous objects in a sink. Don a sock on each hand, squirt a dab of liquid soap on each, and lather up with water. Wearing sock mitts is a great way to clean crevices and angles without applying harsh brushes or scrubbers.

Children love using sock mittens to wash themselves (and their rubber ducks, their toy boats, etc, etc.) in the bathtub.

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