Want A 3-Second Spring Clean-up?

Spring gardenCoffee can tipped on its side this morning? Cereal spilled out of the box? Face powder covering your bathroom vanity? You can sweep up the mess in less time than it takes to find a broom.
Sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually possible with a nifty, under-the-counter vacuuming appliance that fits in a standard sized cabinet. Called Vroom, it includes a small but mighty power unit that houses an 18’ or 24’ hose, a hose nozzle that doubles as a crevice tool, an adjustable wand and a compact convertible floor/rug tool. The entire unit is only 16.25” H x 3.25” W x 17.86” or 21.86” D, depending on which length hose you choose.

I love that you simply pull the hose out to the length you need, and the unit automatically powers on. Clean the mess, and the hose retracts back into the unit. Done! Vroom can work with an existing central vacuum system or operate as a freestanding unit. Perfect for a quick cleanup of floors, drawers, surfaces, or around appliances.

Vacuuming has never been easier. Want to see it demonstrated? Check out www.vroomyourroom.com.


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