Grill Cleaning Tips

grillGrilling is synonymous with summer itself: sizzle of steak, aroma of burger and barbecue chicken, tender-crisp spears of marinated fresh veggies. Keeping your grill grate clean is crucial to tasty food and healthy cooking, and you needn’t waste elbow grease on the chore. Follow these easy tips I found:

  • To remove crusted food and grease on a gas grill grate, turn up the heat to high, close the lid and leave undisturbed for about twenty minutes. Turn burners to low, then brush the remaining white ash with a wire brush. You can do this after you are finished cooking, while you are eating, so you can start with a fresh grill the next time. Just set a timer on your oven or cell phone so you don’t forget to turn the grill off after the mess is gone.
  • Alternately, leave the mess and use this grill cleaning tip the next time you cook, while prepping your food. The grill will be clean and hot and ready for use.
  • Some people swear by laying a sheet of aluminum foil on the grill during the above method for best results, but opinion seems divided. Try it both ways and decide for yourself.
  • Commercial oven cleaners (such as EZ-Off) can be sprayed onto grill grates, left to sit for 20 minutes, then sprayed off with a strong stream of water from the hose, but this is messy and less than environmentally friendly. Think twice about whether you really want to spray a surface with harsh chemicals that will come in direct contact with your food, no matter how well you rinse.
  • If you are working in advance and have the time, remove your grill grates and place them in your kitchen oven. Set the oven to self-clean, and your grates will come out looking smooth and brand new.
  • After cleaning, some grill chefs like to season their grates by rubbing them with Crisco or vegetable oil, then baking them for an hour in a 400 degree oven.

Bon appétit it!

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