Bring Back Happy Hour with Outdoor Cleaning Plan

Patio FurnitureWhat’s better than sitting out on the porch on a beautiful summer evening with good eats and a happy hour libation (especially if the kids are out)? If you’re fortunate enough to have an outdoor living area, keeping it clean can be a significant challenge because you’re much more susceptible to the full wrath of mother nature. Prepping our outside living areas for summer-ready entertaining doesn’t need to be a big chore. With just a few simple items and a game plan, you’ll be relaxing with your feet up and a nice cold beverage in no time.

First, gather your supplies. This may include rags, a bucket, mild soap and water, glass cleaner, a broom and a vacuum. Every porch/deck/patio is different so you may need additional supplies, but this list is a great start.

Using a broom, clean beginning with the highest point first. Brush down the siding making certain to grab any dirt and cobwebs. Sweep all the debris and remove. Then, using soapy water, wipe down the siding as well as window sills and thresholds. Use glass cleaner to clean the door and any windows. Vacuum any carpet areas and thoroughly shake out any light rugs and toss into the washer. That’s the easy stuff. Next up, the furniture.

Depending on which type of outdoor furniture you have, clean furniture and decorations as described below and allow them to completely air dry before placing any guests in them.

Wood and Wicker – Brush or vacuum trapped dirt and dust. Using a cloth dampened with water and a mild soap, wipe down thoroughly.

Vinyl and Resin – Brush or vacuum any dirt and dust. Clean with a sponge or soft cloth dampened with water and a mild soap. Rinse by hosing down. Using oxygen bleach or vinegar mixed with water (2 TBSP per 1 gallon water) will help to remove any mildew stains. To prevent future stains, repel dirt and make the furniture easier to clean, rub car wax on the surface once it is cleaned.

Wrought Iron – Remove any algae with a brush and disinfectant. Clean thoroughly with a cloth dampened with water and a mild soap.

Outdoor cushions – Clean with a sponge, water and mild soap. Prop them in the sun to dry.

Umbrellas – Use warm water and a safe cleaner to rinse away mildew and then leave open to dry.

Going toe-to-toe with mother nature is never easy, but with a plan and the right tools, there’s no reason your outdoor living space can’t gleam like the inside of your house. Plus, with many newquick clean vacuuming products available for tackling outdoor messes, the great outdoors just got a little greater.


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