Pick The Best Broom For The Job

494121841 brooms2Continuing our discussion on the almighty broom…why are there so many to choose from and which one is truly the best? A closer look categorizes brooms designs and usefulness for different cleaning jobs.

  • Hard bristle brooms are best for large debris and outdoor cleaning
  • Soft bristle brooms are best for fine debris and indoor cleaning
  • Angled brooms help to sweep out hard to reach areas such as corners, under counters and furniture.
  • Push brooms are best utilized when sweeping large areas like driveways, garages and patios.

Those looking to super-charge their broom should consider the VacPan. Installed on a baseplate, it opens up an intake slot that allows you to brush or sweep debris directly into the automatically activated vacuum system. Many options are available and central vac systems like VACUFLO, Element and Dirt Devil offer this solution perfect for high traffic areas.

Picking the right broom for the right job makes quick work of our messy clean-ups!


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