Cleaning Shower Door Water Spots

480742343 shower doorWhen we got our bathroom remodeled, I knew we wanted to have a shower with an elegant glass door. Glass shower doors are practical for many reasons – the modern look and feel matches most décor and it also gives the illusion of a larger bathroom. They also don’t need to be replaced like a disposable shower curtain. Of course Chet was more concerned that it would be a pain to clean and lose its elegance to unsightly streaking. However, you can keep the original shine you fell in love with and enjoy the convenience by following a few useful tips.

Many people prefer to use a squeegee on a daily basis to wipe down doors after each use. This method provides a quick clean approach but at some point you really have to buckle down and get your hands dirty.

Here are some tried and true products that have proven to offer consistent results for a gleaming shower door:

  1. Bar Keeper’s Friend sprinkled on a sponge and scrubbed in a circular pattern and wiped off with a clean cloth
  2. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
  3. Spot-X
  4. Lime-Away or CLR
  5. A wet dryer sheet scrubbed in a circular pattern and rinsed thoroughly

For those looking for more environmentally friendly solutions you can probably find around your home, the following have also produced good results:

  1. White vinegar sprayed directly on spots, left to soak in and wiped clean with a microfiber cloth
  2. Equal amounts of baking soda and water to form a thick paste and applied with a non-abrasive sponge and rinsed with vinegar
  3. Equal amounts of Dawn dish soap and heated white vinegar poured into a spray bottle and heavily sprayed directly on spots

Once you’ve put in all that hard work, and your doors are clean, keep that shiny look by using a homemade solution of Dawn dish soap and white vinegar. Keep it in a spray bottle and give your doors a quick spray daily, followed by a squeegee to minimize spotting and buildup.

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