Cleaning on the Road Doesn’t Need to be a Chore with the Vroom RV – Retract Vac

rv slideshow 2Chet and I recently invested in an RV for family road trips. We take a lot of trips to visit friends and relatives all over the country, and there’s just something about a road trip that brings the family closer together.  The family SUV is great for shorter trips, but isn’t always accommodating for cross-country or multi-stop adventures. Plus, we did the math and figured we would save money on hotels, airfare etc in the long run.

We took a few small trips to New England and the Outer Banks over the summer with the kids and Barkley (our puggle) in tow, and of course there were plenty of messes along the way. Initially I brought a small stand up vacuum we had stored away to handle some of the messes on the RV, and right away I realized that it just wasn’t going to work. I absolutely love our central vacuum system at the house and thought, “Why don’t we just get one of these for the RV?”

Thank goodness our good friends over at H-P Products and Dirt Devil have the perfect solution for any RV enthusiasts who need a quick, convenient solution for messes on the road. We had the Dirt Devil CV1500 installed in our RV along with the brand new Vroom Retract Vac attachment with a 35’ hose. I’m telling you right now, this is the best decision we made for our RV and our family. I can get around and clean the entire living space with ease. No lugging around a heavy stand up vacuum that can’t reach into the unique nooks and crannies we have on the RV, and the mess is gone right away, the first time I vacuum over it.

Vroom RV Retract Vac cleans up an RV in a snap!

Vroom RV Retract Vac cleans up an RV in a snap!

Of course, the kids tend to make a decent amount of mess in that small space and sometimes the crumbs from their on-the-go snacks get pushed into awkward corners of the RV that a traditional or handheld vac could never handle. I just open the cabinet under our kitchen sink in the RV, where the Retract Vac is installed, pull out the hose, and defeat the mess wherever it lies. No dragging several feet of hose or cords behind me, and when the mess is whisked away to the remote canister under our living space, the hose retracts right back into the base and is out of sight until the next mess.

Since Chet suffers from pretty bad allergies (as I’ve mentioned in previous posts) I have to do my best to get rid of dirt and dander from the dog pretty quickly. In our home, there’s enough space for both the dog and Chet to live in peace, but on the RV, they are crammed pretty close together, causing Chet’s allergies to fire up. Having a RV central vac on board made it easy for me to clean up after the dog every day and get rid of his hair before it aggravated Chet. Also, like our system at home, no particles are exhausted back into the air during use, keeping everyone happy and healthy.

I am so glad we have the same vacuuming system on board our RV that we have at home. It really does help our family feel more comfortable and like we never really left the house! For more information, check out

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