177821116No one wants to look at beautiful sunshine streaming through grime-streaked windows. I found some tips that will make your windows sparkle as if they aren’t there at all.

  • A microfiber cloth or cotton rag, such as an old cloth diaper, dampened in cleaning solution, will yield effective results. Follow with a squeegee, then use a dry, lint-free rag for touch-up if necessary. Some people swear by wadded up newspaper to clean and dry their windows, which absorbs water without streaking or leaving residue.
  • While many store-bought window cleaning solutions are effective, a homemade solution of vinegar and water with a few drops of liquid soap is an inexpensive alternative that works well and prevents streaking.
  • For best results, hold the squeegee at an angle so the water runs down the window, and wipe the squeegee with a dry, lint-free cloth after every swipe.
  • To help avoid messy drips that require time-consuming touchup work, apply cleaning solution with your wet rag just short of the window frames.
  • Squeegee horizontally whenever possible. Left-handed people will need to apply an extra vertical swipe with the squeegee.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the window sills.
  • On hot days, you may need to clean and wipe dry at the same time to avoid streaking. Use both hands, unless you are on a ladder. Avoid cleaning windows in direct sun if possible.
  • On windy days, work in the direction of the wind, so spray does not blow onto clean windows.
  • Carry a razor blade along for scraping bird droppings, tape residue, old paint splatters or other tough spots. Moisten the area first, then scrape gently with small motions at an angle to prevent scratching the glass.

When working indoors, messes can be avoided by carrying a spray bottle instead of a bucket. Spray the rag or wadded newspaper, then apply to the window, rather than spraying the window directly.

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