happy young woman relax at home on sofa

Wouldn’t you love to know who managed to convince an entire population that doing many things at once was a good idea?

Maybe you’ve learned the hard way that eating/texting/talking/typing/balancing your checkbook/scheduling a dog sitter/listening to self-improvement books on tape/lifting weights — all at the same time — is unproductive, most likely dangerous and just plain exhausting.

Here’s a radical concept: Single-Tasking. Doing one thing – just one – at one time. You can apply this strategy to work tasks, conversations with people you care about, and even cleaning the house.

Is your living space in disorder? Tackle one room. Vacuum, dust, put away, wash the throw rugs and linens, toss the junk, tidy the shelves. Plump the pillows. Open a window for a few minutes, even if it’s cold outside. Close the window and clean it. Replace the burned-out light bulb. Add a vase of fresh flowers. Spray something natural that smells good, or light a good quality candle.

Then . . . sit. Close the door first, if you can. Look around. Enjoy that one perfectly clean room.  (No, it won’t stay that way for long. Does it matter?)

The pleasure of one perfectly ordered space just might inspire you to clean some more.

But only one room at a time.

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