There are many reasons why I chose a central vacuum system for my home. Below are just some of them!

Healthier Home – Improves Indoor Air
100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust and allergens are removed from the living area, creating a cleaner, healthier home environment with improved indoor air quality.

Prevents debris and odors from recirculating back into the home.

Great for those suffering from allergies, asthma and other breathing ailments.

Powerful, Sustained Cleaning Performance
Central vacuum systems are up to 5 times the power of traditional vacuums – great for pet owners like me!

Cyclonic cleaning performance from central vacuums like Vacuflo®, Element and Dirt Devil® provides maximum airflow and optimum cleaning power to keep a home clean and fresh.

High-performance motors deliver powerful, reliable cleaning so upholstery, carpets and furnishings are cleaned more deeply with less wear.

Convenient Whole-House Cleaning
A whole-house cleaning system, my central vacuum does the job of an upright vacuum, canister vacuum, dust buster and even a shop vac.

No heavy equipment to lug around, just plug the hose into the nearest inlet valve for fast and easy cleaning.

Value and Versatility
A central vacuum system extends life of carpets and furnishings, increases a home’s resale value, improves indoor air quality, and saves time.

Central vacuums costs less than many high-end portable vacuums, and offers a wide variety of accessories designed to clean all interior furnishings, carpet types and floor surfaces found in today’s homes.

Simple Installation and Quieter Units
Easily installed during construction (or in existing homes), and typically is completed in less than one day.

Power unit is located away from the living area (usually in a basement, garage or utility room) for a quieter home environment.


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