VACUFLO fam 307x250I remember a time when shopping for household items didn’t used to be so complicated. Certain brand names could be relied upon, or you bought what your mother always used. Today, the marketplace is saturated with a proliferation of products offering a dizzying range of pricing, quality and features.

When buying even a toaster can boggle the mind, how to choose a much-used appliance like a vacuum cleaner, which can make a significant impact not only on the cleanliness of your home, but the health of your whole family?

While every household will have unique cleaning needs, weigh these facts when considering what kind of vacuum system you want to purchase:

  • EFFECTIVENESS: Traditional vacuum cleaners remove only a portion of the dust and dirt in your home. The rest is re-circulated in the air. That “just vacuumed” smell is actually the result of particles that have been kicked up into your indoor environment, explaining why many people sneeze a lot after vacuuming. A central vacuum system, on the other hand, suctions all of the dirt from your home and transports it into a central source located away from living spaces, such as in a basement, closet or garage. This level of effectiveness is especially critical if someone in the household suffers from dust allergies, asthma, or any kind of respiratory difficulties.
  • EASE OF USE: Central vacuum system owners love the easy operation of a system like VACUFLO. No more lugging heavy, awkward equipment around furniture or up stairs—a bonus for people with back or knee problems or mobility issues. Just attach the end of the hose to a central vacuum outlet positioned in several convenient locations throughout your home, and sweep. It’s quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner, too—you can even carry on a conversation without yelling!
  • COST: Certainly the initial cost of a central vacuum system will be higher than a traditional vacuum cleaner. Long term, however, you might be surprised at the economic sense of installing a central vacuum system that will last many years, offer superior cleaning and ease of use, and increase the value of your home.
  • RETURN ON INVESTMENT : A central vacuum system like VACUFLO increases the value of your home and sets it apart from others, making it more appealing to prospective buyers should you ever decide to sell. The increasing number of people who suffer from allergies or asthma, especially, will immediately recognize the value of a home equipped with a central vacuum system.

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