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Whether you are voluntarily moving to smaller quarters or helping an elderly loved one with the painful process of letting go of a home due to health issues, I have found some ways to ease the transition. 

  1. Take video or photos before you begin the downsizing process. Having the memories of an existing home intact with all its furnishings and décor can be a wonderful memento to have once the adjustment to new living quarters has been made. Photos of individual rooms or special features like a garden can also be a jumping off point for stories down the line, keeping family history intact for future generations.
  2. Hire a professional or use the services provided by a facility to choose which pieces to move to your new home. Relocation and downsizing professionals specialize in helping create a beautiful new environment using beloved objects and furniture that fit appropriately in smaller scale spaces.
  3. Use the occasion to gift loved ones with treasured heirlooms. You needn’t have valuable antiques or expensive objects to give someone a priceless gift from your home that will forever remind them of you and the home you enjoyed together.  Perhaps each child and grandchild will receive a Christmas tree ornament chosen just for them. A granddaughter about to move into her own apartment might love the extra set of dishes you no longer need. The smallest items—a sewing kit, a cookie jar, a well used garden spade–can evoke the strongest memories. Once you have decided upon which things will be needed, cherish the opportunity to choose gifts for family members, or invite them to choose for themselves.